About Christa


 "Since 1992, Belgium’s top jewellery designer, Christa Reniers, has been creating masterpiece after masterpiece"
Together Magazine, 2010
Christa Reniers - Photo by Saskia Vanderstichele
Christa Reniers, photo by Saskia Vanderstichele


Christa Reniers is one of Belgium’s leading contemporary jewellery designers. She started in the 90’s in Brussels to develop the first pieces of her collection. She has a very strong and personal style which is easily recognizable. Each jewel is handcrafted by Christa personally with a very high quality finishing, in 18k gold or in sterling silver 925.

The brand is classy and upscale due to the high quality of the products and the very exclusive design that require skilled jeweller craftsmen. 

Always very innovative when launched on the market, the Christa Reniers jewellery pieces become “classics” after a few years due to her timeless and unique style that fits as well for the everyday life as for exceptional events.